healthbills,strangedoctors,and commonman

friends now the most burning current topic of the modern times is health.every person knows (mostly)that a simple diet which is made at home are the best for a good health.but the modern man is not that lucky enough to report 3 times in front of his dining table and his mom or wife serve him hot meals.either the mother is employed or the wife a middle class family has to depend on hotel food at times.Due to heavy load of work both family runners i mean the husband and wife reach home ,naturally they are tired ,in addition to that they get some complications of domestic nature and complaints from the tension,tired ness and less counselling lack of a social contact ,a get together a pat of elders etc in many ways make life gloomy .Life style diseases affect most of the family members.this introduction is to inform that how the current society is facing health problems

Now comes the health authorities and their business mind.Due to the  lack of time and leave most of the people prefer to go to a doctor for a common cold to a slight fever.there starts your health bill rising up

doctor start his job with an odd look,he collects the where about of the patient first and then starts the following

if a person from good financial background a prescription for scanning to all body checkup suggest to a medical store where this doctor is associated,this is not applicable to all doctors with due respect to this professionals  quite large number of humble and capable doctors presence cannot be forgotten here.But

a good number of the money mongering doctors are made that way by a chain of action right from their parents.parents of financially sound families prefers 2 professional qualifications for their children engineering and medicine,without checking the aptitudes of their children.a profession like doctor requires not only a brilliant acadamic reccord but lot of other qualities like patience,affection,love etc.once parents forced children buy this post to get a good alliance in the marriage market and get all financial success with great respect this reduces the quality of the profession.seccondly the bribing attitude from games to politics everywhere people find easy way medical companies for example dumb medicines in the medical store convince money mongering doctors to write prescriptions and this  become a mafia of the modern day

doctors are offered high commission,and travel offers to international countries and so on and so forth

the end user the poor patient not covered by insurance or other things are the worst have to work for survival and for that you need good health,this forced aam admi to depend heavily on health connected persons

the worst is the butcher like habits of certain doctors who transplants kidneys and other transplandable organs to certain rich donors without the knowledge or consent of the this juncture the concerned doctor ditches his position to the level of a butcher or even worse.all this vicious circle from medical companies ,representitives,hospitals and the doctors make the life of a poor man in difficulty

in addition to the heavy bills of water ,electricity,gas and so on if he felt sick imagine the position of the poor

this country needs an immediate audit on this subject and quick action by state and central governments .The impact of this health mafia is much more severe than i explained.Let authorities open their eyes immediately on this subject otherwise the common man wont go to a health department till he become bedridden.this situation is not at all advisable for india our hopes are on healthy young population


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